Pablo López submerged in the musical environment at an early age starting with piano and later on, the guitar. In 2003, he moved to Barcelona to continue his musical studies and shortly after that he started his career as a Jazz guitarist in Melbourne, Australia.

Back in Barcelona and after a hand injury, Pablo had to put the guitar on the side and decided to thoroughly study the greats of the stride piano.

His fascination for the swing era and his intrinsic knowledge of the history of Jazz manifest in his way of playing. He believes one can still play modern improvised music while preserving the spirit of Jazz. Inspired by the great Art Tatum and other musicians such as Lester Young, Charlie Christian, Fats Waller, and Teddy Wilson among many others, Pablo delicately tries to bring back the old greats of Jazz into the modern world.

Playing swing for a lindy hop dancing event to a more sophisticated style as the Lennie Tristano’s school; from a simple solo piano bar gig to an outdoor jazz festival, Pablo’s pursue is to keep Jazz as authentic and creative as it can get.

Pablo has also played with the renowned American singer’s big band, Diane Schuur.

Today, he’s leading his own band playing both instruments.

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